Back into the World: Part 2

So, apparently I’m a stereotypical new mom and I was mistaken when I thought I’d “settled into a routine”…it would seem there is no such thing. I thought I’d be writing blog posts willy-nilly, and finish the revisions for my agent by the end of August (aka, in three days).
Well. You live, you learn. I am about 65% through revisions (wait…lemme check)…yup, 65%. And that’s not including the fact that I already know I’m going to have to go back and fix a few more things, do some pruning of the hedges, some mulching and watering, make sure characters and plots are flourishing and what-not.
There has been, over the past six months, a lot of moving, traveling, packing, unpacking, repacking, flying, driving, and living out of duffle bags (or a giant MARPAT kit bag, in my case) and trying to get our son to sleep just a little past 5:00 a.m. Someday we’ll get there. Someday.
Plus there’s been writing and revising, as mentioned above. And I’ve been training for four upcoming races, three of which are obstacle races varying in length from as little as 3 miles to as many as 14.
So here is attempt number two to establish blogging consistency. Enjoyable developments include:
  1. Babies want what you have in your hand…phone, remote, watch, whatever. I have been reading G.K. Chesterton’s In Defense of Sanity while nursing and, apparently, this has convinced my son that this book (despite its entirely prosaic cover) is the coolest thing ever. I let him have it briefly and I might as well have given him the moon. I think this is good. He already thinks books are awesome.
  2. Crawling has commenced, albeit of the low-crawl variety. Due to ever-shedding wolf, the floor has to be vacuumed every day, lest the little Mousekewitz (that my son’s current nickname because he likes it when we say that) eat more wolf hair than is good for him.
  3. If you carry the Mousekewitz around the house and zoom him toward the wolf he giggles insanely, and the wolf runs away. I think the wolf thinks its mildly unfair that the Mousekewitz is allowed to chase and grab him, but the wolf isn’t allowed to do anything but lick the Mousekewitz, and that only gently.
  4. Writing revisions is going well, if more slowly than I’d hoped, and it is also stirring in my mind all the OTHER stories I want to write, so I’m always opening up obscure word documents to write down a random line so that I’ll hopefully remember all that stuff when I finish this round of revisions.
  5. I’m up to 9 miles in my running, and I’m starting to regain speed too.
  6. I got to spend a ton of time with family over the past few months.
So, that’s a little round-up. I have lots of other things I want to blog about, but one thing at a time!

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