Updates of all Flavors

A smattering of uncategorized updates:
  1. I am recovered enough from my surgery to run and even go to the obstacle race this weekend, so thank God for that! This is the type of race I’ll be doing:
From Spartan website.
From Spartan website.
It’s between 3-5 miles long and has 20 some obstacles like the one above. Mud is inevitable. Blood is possible. I’m not as fit for it as I would have liked to be considering I had to take about 2-3 weeks off running and such, but hopefully it will go well!
2. I finally finished my first round of revisions for my agent!!! With some nervousness, I sent it off last week. My mind conjured all the extremes: the most unlikely response would be “Ah, it’s perfect, we’ll begin submitting it immediately” (I wish). The worst case scenario would be “Yeah, none of the problems are really fixed at all. The improvements you made don’t work. Try again.”
If that happens, I may be tempted to cry. But then I’ll dust myself off and I’ll figure something out.
The middle scenario is the more realistic, perhaps: “Some of this is much better, you’re much closer but you still need to do x, y, and maybe z.” And then that round won’t take me a tenth as long, Lord willing, as the last one did. I don’t know how many rounds of agent revisions is “normal” before starting submissions, but I’m hoping it’s not too many.
For sheer curiosity I’m so excited to start submissions. What will happen? I’m even excited to get a rejection, because…what will it say? I’M SO CURIOUS! I have an editor at a SF/F imprint in mind, but I know my agent will have a list and a plan in place when it comes time, so I’m not going to worry about that too much right now.
3. So what to do in the meantime? First, work over books 2 and 3. I can do this at my leisure, because there will likely be more revisions yet, and those revisions will need to be implemented. So revising books 2 and 3 is kind of like weeding or doing the dishes…it’s good to do, to keep it from getting out of hand, but you’re going to have to do it again tomorrow.
For that reason, I also want to work on a new thing. I have this other story that’s been sitting in my mind a long time, and while I have some setting issues to work out, I’m really curious to see if the story has enough merit to go down on paper and survive.
4. The little Mousekewitz kid is a-crawling and a-cruising which is all kinds of adorable and exhausting. He is fast. I turn my back for but a moment, and he is in the other room. I have to let him fall a little (sharp objects removed from falling radius) so he can learn his strength and balance, but it means it’s rather difficult to do a task unless I literally strap him to my back while I do it.
Last week, before my surgery, the Mousekewitz took the liberty of knocking a cup of water onto my computer. It went gray and crackly right as we were skyping with family. But my husband grabbed it, unplugged it and took it apart quickly, wiping it off. We let it dry for a few days and put it back together. So far, no issues. It works as I sit here typing on it.
Babies are harder than boot camp, friends. I can say this with a degree authority. They last longer, you see. But all is well, and I’m learning.
4. Currently reading: Ender’s Game (recommended by my brother), Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (a great read, but very long, and for reasons mentioned above, I read in very short spurts), Blaise Pascal’s Pensees, and The Book that Made Your World (Vishal Mangalwadi). I’ll do reviews when I finish them.
5. Long week, this week. Rough too. But a good one in spite of it, so far, and getting better.
Don’t know how to wrap this up, so, God bless us, every one!
Oh, and a song for the road:

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