Obstacle Race

Did an obstacle race yesterday. I don’t have any photos, but it was fun.
I am so, so sore. It’s a good sore, yes, but also it hurts when I stand up.
The first two hours were spent walking around with the little Mousekewitz strapped to my front, so my husband could run. Then we switched, and I ran. There were 23 obstacles, including the ‘carrying a bucket full of rocks over a hill’ one, the monkey bars, lots of walls to climb, mud hills to climb, cargo nets to climb, hay bales to climb, boulders to carry, sandbags to carry, sandbags to hoist, sandbags to drag across the dirt.
I failed four of the obstacles. The rope climb (I did the foot loop, but got no traction!), the spear throw, the monkey-ring-pole-across-rope-hold-thing, and the traverse wall (like rock-climbing). Failure to do an obstacle results in a penalty of 30 burpees (an exercise where you start standing, drop to the ground–often with a push-up–and then come back to your feet with a jump). By the last of those burpees I basically just looked like someone collapsing awkwardly to the ground and then scrambling weakly back to their feet…over and over and over. The integrity of the exercise had completely disintegrated, but I still did thirty of…whatever they were by then.
Oh, we also rolled/crawled under barbed wire for an age, an jumped over fire at the end…just for fun.
I ache, but I do not regret…it was worth it.
Other than that, I have no writing news as of now, unless “writing news” means I did something fun/hard the experience of which can influence my writing someday…(?). Yeah, anyhow. I will put up a post when I know anything about my recently submitted revision!

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