The Goings-on Hereabouts

A quick, sprinty update!
  1. So I did another race on Saturday. This time it was a half-marathon, and this time I was a whole different kind of sore. Last time it was more that I was bruised and a bit roughed over. This time the act of standing was a serious challenge for a few hours.
  2. My parents came into town to help out with the little Mousekewitz and while it was lovely, it was also a bit of a whirlwind; they were here for three days which consisted of the race, getting together with an old friend, recovering from the race, and having church small-group at our house.
  3. No news on the revisions yet, but my imagination has conjured up many horrible and silly scenarios. I check my e-mail with considerable trepidation every day (far too many times a day). Patience is a virtue, but not one often accompanied by calmness or confidence…
  4. We didn’t do anything for halloween except hand out candy, which is always fun. The wolf enjoyed it particularly. He stood watch at the window and anytime a kid appeared on the sidewalk, he would run to the front door and anxiously await his adoring masses. And they were adoring. One little girl seemed to forget entirely about candy and trick-or-treat and all that nonsense. She just dove in to hug the 95 Lb wolf, which seemed perfectly reasonable to her. I don’t really know what her parents thought about it. We kept the wolf at bay, obviously, but kids instinctively go for him.
  5. The Mousekewitz is dangerously mobile. Able to climb-ish, and pull himself up against all sorts of things, but not always able to gauge the sturdiness of said things, or to get down, or keep his balance. He’s having some adventures, and I am usually busy.
And that’s about it!

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