Testing, Testing

Confession: I am not internet/tech savvy.
I avoided owning a cell-phone until I moved half-way across the country (I was eighteen, everyone else in my family already owned cell-phones).
I avoided smart-phones like the plague (I HATED that people were always looking at their phones rather than each other).
Now that I have a smart-phone (because of our family plan), I refuse to purchase/use any apps other than the weather or Pandora (and that only for the first time this last week!)
My computer skills lie in the realm of using Microsoft Word, Google search, and (with minimum pizzazz) blogging. I think the method I use to post images on blogs is probably not the best one, but it’s the only way I know how. I know how to upload photos on facebook, but I never do it. I do not have instagram or snapchat or any of those things, and I’m not good at taking photos anyway.
Part of this is just sheer lack of desire. If I want to figure something out, I will. When the starter in my old car went out, I REFUSED to take it to a mechanic, because I figure that, being my father’s daughter (a mechanic) I should do it myself. So I looked it up (YouTube was not as big then), bought a new starter, and spent two hours over lunch in the base Hobby Shop, replacing my starter.
It is possible for me to learn these things, but my interest level has historically been rather low. I figured out twitter (which used to BEFUDDLE me to no end. People kept trying to explain it to me and I could not understand at all) because I knew I needed to for the writing/publishing stuff.
Note: I am not 67 years old, and I do not have a porch from which I yell at uppity youths, but it probably sounds like it right now.
Anyhow, I have a keen desire to figure out how to use the occasional timely GIF. Let’s see if this works:
I don’t know if I did it the best way, but there’s Mal, and he’s moving like a Harry Potter news article photo, so I’m content.

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