Merry Christmas Update

Not much needs to be said as I imagine most people are ensconced in Christmasness and family time.
We took a 9 hour road trip to see our families and are enjoying all the merriment that goes with it. Singing Christmas carols makes the little Mousekewitz happy, and my brother’s dog (also a wolf) makes our giant wolf happy.
So far we have just hung out with family and friends, but last night we (my mom, my husband and I) took the little Mouskewitz to the fancy part of town where they have the best lights, and we walked around under a nearly full moon and some truly gorgeous Christmas lights.
Today I will make Hot Buttered Rum mix for Christmas Eve dinner, and my dad is making a truly epic meal (he loves to do this…he has been working on it for weeks). My parents, my parents-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, my youngest brother, and my second-to-youngest brother and his girlfriend will all be there. Plus wolves, obviously.
The funny thing is, this will be a small Christmas. Lovely, but small. I have three other siblings, two other in-laws, and seven other nieces and nephews (and six other dogs) that are not coming this year. But next year there will be a wedding, and EVERYONE will come! EVERYONE! Even the sister that lives in Africa!
Our Christmas traditions are simple:
-we sing carols
-my dad reads the Christmas story (from Luke, I think) and he also reads a book called “The Other Wise Man” which chokes everybody up each time.
-we eat a big Christmas Eve meal with my in-laws (who have been friends with my parents since before I ever married) and my Dad usually does the main cooking because it’s his jam. It seems funny, because he’s actually sort of a Tim the Toolman Taylor (without the accident prone-ness) and a tough West Texas guy, but man does he love to cook.
I never thought of my family as foodies but my husband tells me we are. I just thought we liked food, and like it to be good and flavorful. Doesn’t everyone?
-Stockings happen as soon as you wake up (usually very early).
-Then breakfast (usually sausage casserole)
-Then presents: ONE-BY-ONE
This year we are doing Christmas twice (weird) so that we can have one w/ my family, and one with my husband’s family, even though we’re all doing Christmas Eve together.
Also my mom and dad are leading a Christmas Eve service at my Uncle’s bar. (You know. Church. In a bar. Seems reasonable to me)
I don’t normally get into all that ‘Baby’s first Christmas!’ stuff, but I hope that the little Mousekewitz enjoys the story of Christ, the worshipful season, and the merriment!
Merry Christmas! And a (quite) belated Happy Hanukkah!

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