Long Overdue Update

Instead of lamenting for a few paragraphs how horribly long it has been since I have posted, I am going to dive right into updates which will go much farther in the realm of explanation…
  1. I finished my second round of revisions, and sent them in a little less than two weeks ago now. This round required a little more intense work on the front end of the manuscript, so I probably spent the same amount of time on the first third of the book as I did on the last two thirds.This round also went a lot faster overall, but I supposed that was to be expected. But it’s in! And we’ll see what happens!
  2. I had family in town for quite a while. First my in-laws (to include my sister-in-law, which was quite a special treat!) for a weekend, then my niece for a full week right after that. We have a tradition of having one of our nieces or nephews come stay with us for a week each year, and this was number three of seven total. The rest are still a little too young to be away from mom and dad for a full week, which is fine because…
  3. We are expecting baby number 2! I am still in the first trimester and I am exhausted. This has probably been the largest factor in my blogging neglect. Type or collapse on the couch while baby number 1 (the mousekewitz) is down for a nap?  I remember the 1st trimester lays-you-out exhaustion from last time, but I didn’t have a walking, babblingly talkative one-year-old last time. It makes a difference.
  4. I have slowed down on my goodreads reading challenge for much the same reason as I slowed down on blogging, but I’m trying to pick up some steam again. Both the books I am currently reading have been rather slow for me: Ben-Hur and Mistborn. Slow is not always a bad thing, but I’m going to shake myself by the shoulders and finish them, because I have this book on the Ottoman Empire I’m craving to read (Subjects of the Sultan: Culture and Daily Life in the Ottoman Empire by Suraiya Faroqhi) and since I LOVED Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, I really want to get Zen Cho’s Sorcerer to the Crown. It looks simply fantastic and I’m in the mood for something just like that.
As I look at the above, I think it bears mentioning that these are not written in order of importance by any means. If so, number 3 would be at the top, because that’s a pretty big deal by comparison. I did not approach this post with an entirely organized mind, I’ll admit.
In conclusion, and completely unrelated, I want to leave something as tribute, so I am going to link to a recipe that saved my skin (stomach, rather) during a rather rough patch of 1st trimester ‘nothing-sounds-good-everything-makes-me-a-bit-queasy.’ But I’m sure it tastes just as good if you’re feeling perfectly fine.
It’s hot and sour soup, and it was not very hard to make (I usually have a weakness for complicated 2 and 3 hour recipes, but they are being edged slowly but surely out of the realm of possibility). Ginger is magic, just so you know, and the hard-to-come-by ingredients are replaceable.




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