Long overdue updates, that is.
I just spent the last month solid working on what looks to be the final round of revisions for my agent, which means submission is on the horizon!!!
I pretty much buried myself in the revisions, which were comparatively light, but I wanted them to be VERY GOOD so that this could truly be the final round, so it took that full month of consistent work. This happened to coincide with my husband being out of town a lot, as well as some traveling by myself with pregnant belly, 15 month old, and wolf-dog all in tow. Obviously all that factored in.
Now the work is submitted, I can go back to ye good old checking-my-email-with-absurd-and-unnecessary-frequency-because-I-literally-just-sent-it-yesterday. All good fun.
I have more traveling up ahead–spending time with family–but will have time to jot here much more often, and keep it better updated. My other goal, now that I finished that revision, is to get back to all the half-finished books. I also have a few fun-looking military sci-fi’s that I’m interested in (The Red: First Light by Linda Nagata and Mechanical Failure by Joe Zieja) and hope to get to sometime this summer.
One of the lovely things about this revision was that I still really enjoy my story. I sort of did the revision a wonky way. I took the old document, track-changed the revisions there, so I could do with unchanged, unmarked, clean space. Then I did a readthrough of each individual chapter after it was revised. Then, I painstakingly transferred those changes into the main document which had my agent’s changes/comments in it, to combine the two. THEN I did a final, thorough readthrough from start to finish. This means that I read my own book multiple times in a very short period.
(I had my reasons for doing it this way, but it was very inefficient.)
And, yes, sometimes when I was tired I had a hard time focusing on lines/scenes I’d read again and again, and my eyes would begin to glaze…but then, after a minute, I’d get into it. I’d get excited. I’d enjoy my story, or that scene, or that line ALL OVER AGAIN. I’m always a little worried I’ll be so oversaturated with my own story that I won’t enjoy it. But I really, really do. And that is such a blessing and an encouragement. I take it as a good sign (although, clearly, I’m biased).
For me, this is the real crux of it anyway. I wrote this story because I craved it. I wanted it to exist. To be published and read, sure that’s good too, but mostly to exist, so that I could read it and enjoy it. Pretty selfish motivation, but hopefully it will turn out with good results, and hopefully others will someday be able to enjoy it in their own way, coming to it with their own perspective.
I also had to go through books 2 and 3 so I could write synopses for them and that was fun too! I was a little worried that after the last year of revisions, I might come back to them (because they have not been updated since I revised them for the querying stage) and be disappointed. But I kept looking up at my sister (whom I was visiting) and saying “I REALLY like this scene. This is good!”
Again, biased : ) But it’s nice to come back to something and be proud of it rather than embarrassed.
So. Revision, done. Submission, not far off. It’s pretty exciting.

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