I am trying to do nice things to this website, but I am not good at this at all. My idea had been that, once I reached a certain point in this whole submission/publishing process, I would maybe upgrade to a paid website and the I would pretty it all up and what-not. I have heretofore avoided doing anything else, because–to tell the truth–I just don’t know how.
But I did something new yesterday! I added a contact form! Despite my sense of dread and discomfort while approaching the task, it took all of five minutes to accomplish. This gives me confidence to attempt new, low skill-level things such as: Making a better “About” page. Actually doing a “book” page that gives some information about the book, rather than about why I wrote the book. (This was an accident. I didn’t know what I was doing at the time, and somehow linked my “Books” page to a previous blog rather than creating a fresh page and populating it with the correct information. I think I can fix this.)
Anyone who has even one drop of internet savvy would probably laugh at how bad I am at all this, and how daunted I am by these simple tasks. But I’m figuring it out, and I will be trying to fix these little things over the next few days so that when/if I redo the website completely, I’ll have a better idea of how to go about it.
In Other News:
There really isn’t much other news. I am currently reading Grace of Kings by Ken Liu (I’m about 2/3 of the way through) and I am still re-reading GK Chesterton’s In Defense of Sanity as well as his omnibus of Father Brown stories. I WAS reading Blaise Pascal’s Pensees (very, very slowly, with lots of underlining) but I cannot find the book. It has gone missing in my travels. I hope I find it, because of all the UNDERLINING.
I also finally picked up a book I’d read about 60 pages of and then neglected, partly because my language skills are a little rusty, and the book is pretty academic and therefore not a breezy read in any language: It’s المجتمع العراقية: تحليل سيكوسوسيولوجي لما حدث ويحدث. (My translation: Iraqi Society: A Psychosociological Analysis of What Has Happened and What is Happening. It’s by Qasim Husayn Saleh). It was published in 2007, so there are a lot of new developments in Iraq not addressed, but the angle in most of the essays is historical anyway–the history of how Iraqi society works. My goal is to finish it this summer, both because I am deeply interested in the history and present of Iraqi society, and because my language skills need some refurbishment as well. It is too beautiful and rich a language to fall in disuse, thence to be lost.
After that, however, I’m going to re-read a novel called Girls in Riyadh, which will be easier and more fun since I’ve read it before and it’s written in a blog-post style, and the dialogue is in dialect…it’s all much more informal and cozy.
By the way, I have a whole blog post I want to write about dialects (100% related to my books, I promise!) and I think that is the one I will write next. So: to be continued in our next…





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