A Certain Kind of Busy: Distracted

So I have been a certain kind of busy, not the kind that is exciting or always useful. I’m just about two weeks out from my due date for baby number 2, and I’m tired, and we’ve been doing various things to get ready for labor and the general life shift that’s about to happen. We’ve had family visit, and have more yet to come.
I haven’t been very writerly. Readerly, yes, but the writing has been far away on the back burner. It’s easy to push back, of course, because I don’t have any exact demands on me at the moment. The important stuff is done. Right now, it’s all exploring WIPs and rolling around ideas. Truth told, however, much of my “busyness” has really just been tiredness, which means whenever the toddler goes down for a nap, so do I.
As I mentioned, though, I have been reading some good books. I just finished Rose Under Fire, by Elizabeth Wein. It’s a fictional account of a woman who endures six months at Ravensbruck during WWII. I will not pretend it is a happy book, but it is a good book, and I think it is important to read well-researched accounts of those dark parts of history, and of what so many people went through. Definitely recommended.
I also just started a book (non-fiction) about the Saddam regime in all it’s complex cruelty and manipulation. It’s called Republic of Fear, and the intro alone was good enough to recommend the whole thing. I’m also reading a military Sci-Fi, The Red: First Light by Linda Nagata and I am really enjoying it so far despite the fact that it uses my least favorite narrative style of first-person present tense. That’s a serious compliment, by the way! The only other one I’ve ever really liked was Maggie Stiefvater’s Scorpio Races. Dang, that book was gorgeous.
Basically, I’m hurrying to read as much as I can before I have both the newborn and any more writing work come my way. So maybe it’s good to rest now as well, while I can!



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