New Normal

4 days ago I went into labor to deliver our second child. I am so very, very tired (and sore, and all that jazz), but also relieved. This one went a WHOLE LOT smoother than last time. Last time was longer, it was excruciating, and I was basically unable to move like a regular human being for several days afterward. (That being said, it was a home-birth, so it was still a healthy and uncomplicated labor by general standards).
This time the labor was almost half the length and I handled the pain a lot better. Don’t worry, I won’t go into gory details (though I COULD…labor is fascinating, people), but the end result is all good stuff. Our new little one is healthy and handsome and a good eater, I am healing well and learning an interesting new lesson: the less injured you are, the likelier you are to overdo it.
I think this applies to many cases outside of labor, but this is my example. Last time I couldn’t have overstretched myself because I essentially couldn’t do anything. I think it was five or six days before I had the courage to attempt any stairs. It was a couple of weeks before I went on a walk. I was in enough pain that I KNEW there were certain things I dare not attempt.
This go round, I started doing things I’m “not supposed to do” (like pick up my toddler) within two or three days. Today I made the foolish mistake of thinking I could go grocery shopping. Now, I have my sister in town and she was helping me, and my husband stayed home with the toddler, so it didn’t seem that daunting at first.
My body let me know real quick that what I had done wasn’t the smartest thing. It’s harder to tell yourself to slow down when you feel like you’re not all that far from “normal.”
But slow down, (sometimes) we must. No amount of hurrying on my part is going to change the fact that everything around here is going to be more challenging and exhausting for a while, and slow and steady wins that race.
I know none of this had to do with writing, but its all the big ‘hereabouts’ news that’s fit to print right now, and in our tiny little corner of the word, it’s pretty big news. It’s a whole new normal.

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