Daily Doings: An Update

I did a teensy bit of housekeeping today: updating my about page to reflect the new addition to the family, and add my twitter handle which I had somehow failed to do prior. I also added my original book query to the “Books” page, so that there’s better info available.
In other news, I am a very tired creature. The new baby (okay, not so new any more) is less inclined to sleep through the night than his older brother was at this same age. He also had a cold two weeks ago which almost put us back at square one, sleeping wise. He is also a bit more of a one-on-one social guy, always wanting to look you right in the face all day, whereupon he becomes a very smiley little thing…but not so big on self-entertaining. They really do have different preferences and personalities from the get-go, and I realize I was expecting similar patters as with my eldest. Foolishness. I know that now.
In still other news, I am doing another readthrough of my book, as I compulsively do every few months. I guess I still like it. Huh. I’ve also been writing scenes and thoughts and ideas which may or may not be used, but which keep me engaged in the story, and may yet improve it!
And…that is all. I have 4-month-old cries beckoning me.

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